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Root Canal — two words able to instill fear into a grown man’s heart!

Fortunately, Hollywood has exaggerated the experience of a root canal. It is a simple, routine procedure that is done to increase the lifespan of your tooth — saving you from having it removed!

What Is a Root Canal? Why Do I Need One?

When bacteria reaches the pulp (where the nerve and blood supply for the tooth is located), the pulp can become extremely irritated. Sometimes, the pulp becomes infected and dies. If this progresses, it can create a dental abscess, which can be extremely painful.

The tooth can be very painful when the pulp is irritated, and sometimes, the pulp dies without any pain at all. Either way, it is extremely important to address the cause. This is done with a root canal.

A root canal is performed by drilling through the tooth so that the entire pulp can be removed from the tooth. The nerve is located in canals within the roots of the teeth.
When the pulp is removed, the canals are cleaned thoroughly to kill any bacteria. The canals are then filled with an inert, rubber-like material. A temporary filling is then placed. Depending on the tooth, it may require a crown when the root canal is complete.

Aren’t Root Canals Incredibly Painful?

We try our very best to make every dental experience as comfortable as possible! During most root canals, you are given numbing medication (just like a filling), and most people experience minimal to no sensation during the root canal. Depending on the size of the infection, some patients may need additional numbing medication. However, we will seek alternative procedures, if we cannot ensure your comfort during the procedure.