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Geriatric Care for Older Patients

Just like infants have different dental needs than teenagers, older patients have different dental needs than younger patients. That’s why it’s important to regularly see a dentist trained in age-related dental issues.

Identifying problems

Associated with age

Geriatric dentistry is the practice of diagnosing, managing, preventing and treating dental problems associated with age. Some common dental concerns in elderly patients include gum disease, root decay and tooth loss.


Older patients are more likely to take over-the-counter and prescription medications that make them more vulnerable to drug interactions and reactions. These medications can also cause adverse side effects in the mouth, such as dry mouth. Dr. Sislow understands both of these issues and takes certain precautions to protect the well-being of her patients on prescription medication.

Tooth Decay & Loss

As we age, gum disease and other dental concerns can lead to an increased prevalence of tooth decay and loss. This loss can be mitigated by dental implants, bridges or dentures.


Older patients are more likely to have mobility issues and/or dementia. Sislow Family Dental makes every effort to accommodate these issues and create a calm, comforting environment for all patients.